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Firm Advocates for Tenant Groups and Tenant Associations in New York

Experienced attorneys represent the interests of apartment residents

Under New York law, tenants have the right to organize and act as a single unit when seeking remedies for the offenses of their landlord. Tenants frequently form associations or groups in situations where landlords are attempting to demolish an occupied building, acting illegally, refusing to provide essential services or harassing tenants in some other way. At Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. in Manhattan, we have extensive experience representing tenant groups and associations throughout New York City. If you and others in your building have a shared grievance, our dedicated attorneys will outline your legal rights and advise you on the types of collective actions you can take in pursuit of a favorable resolution.

Lawyers provide comprehensive counsel to tenant groups and associations

A tenant association or group is a very effective mechanism in which to counter any landlord’s improper or illegal actions. Whether you’re just getting started or are seeking assistance for an existing group, we provide thorough counsel on various subjects, such as:

  • Legal authority — Don’t be intimidated if your landlord threatens to take action against you for forming a tenants’ association or group. New York State Real Property Law Section 230 prohibits landlords from interfering with a tenant who seeks to start, join or participate in an organization created to protect tenants’ rights.
  • Size — A tenant group can consist of any number of tenants. It is not necessary that all tenants or even a majority of tenants participate. You can form a tenant group with as few as two members.
  • Group HP Actions — In addition to individual HP Actions that tenants can file to cure violations within their residences, tenant groups can also collectively initiate an HP proceeding demanding repairs within a certain period of time.

We are very experienced in representing tenant groups and tenant associations and have obtained multimillion dollar settlements, as well as other forms of relief, for the members of these organizations.

Reasons to organize a tenant association

If your building or complex doesn’t currently have a tenant association, there are many reasons you might want to organize one. These groups can deal with a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Poor apartment conditions
  • Improper eviction actions
  • Failure to make necessary repairs in a timely manner
  • Unnecessary or unsupported Major Capital Improvement actions that trigger rent increases
  • Inconsistent utility service

No matter what is motivating you to establish a tenants’ group, our firm has the legal knowledge and real-world experience to help you accomplish your objectives.

Legal counselors assist with tenant organization accounts

Depending on the particular motivation for creating a tenant group or association, it might be wise to collect dues and create a bank account to hold the collected funds. You can rely on us for trustworthy advice on a full range of matters relating to tenant group formation, management and dispute resolution.

Firm pursues clients’ goals through rent strikes, media attention and litigation

A tenant group can achieve its goals by commencing lawsuits, holding a rent strike, seeking media attention and retaining an attorney to represent the interests of its members. Rules related to housing can be very complex, so it is critical to find a lawyer who can outline your options clearly and counter the aggressive tactics often used by landlords. Regardless of whether you seek legal support for a single issue or several concerns, we are committed to helping you live in the peace and comfort that you deserve.

Contact a New York attorney regarding representation of tenants’ group or association 

Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. advocates for tenants’ groups and associations throughout the New York City area. For a free consultation regarding your particular situation, please call 212-921-1600 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We are located on East 45th Street in Manhattan.