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Tenant Groups and Tenant Associations

Tenant Groups and Tenant Associations- Under New York law tenant have the right to organize and act as a single unit so as to unite in dealing with the offenses of their landlord. Tenants form associations or groups in situations in which landlords are attempting to demolish an occupied building, acting illegally, not furnishing essential services or otherwise harassing tenants.

A tenant association or group is a very effective mechanism in which to counter any landlord’s improper or illegal actions..

A tenant group can consist of any number of tenants. It is not necessary that all tenants or even that a majority of tenants participate. A tenant group can consist of as little as two tenants.

A tenant group can achieve its goals by commencing lawsuits, holding a rent strike, seeking media attention and jointly obtaining an attorney.

We are very experienced in representing tenant groups and tenant associations. We have obtained multi million dollar settlements on behalf of the tenant members of these groups and associations.

If a tenant group or association is appropriate, we will represent all aspects of the group from formation through resolution. We offer complimentary consultations and you are welcome to schedule your complimentary-no obligation consultation by calling us at 212-921-1600.


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