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Demolition Application by Your Landlord

When Your Landlord wants to evict you so that he can demolish the building that you live in

There are times when landlords attempt to evict tenants from their apartment for the purpose of demolishing an existing building so as to replace it. Although the law does provide mechanisms for the landlord to achieve this goal, the law also provides tenants with many defenses and opportunities to disprove the landlord’s claim, Tenants have the opportunity to oppose and challenge the demolition application of their landlord both, administratively, before the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and in court so as to prevent the landlord from achieving this goal. Tenants will often form a Tenant Group or Association so as to unite their opposition to their landlord’s demolition application. We are very experienced in successfully opposing demolition applications by landlords on behalf of individual tenants as well as on behalf of tenant groups and tenant associations.

Even if successful in its demolition application, it would take the landlord many years to achieve its goal. We can often times successfully cause the landlord’s application to be denied, thereby preventing the demolition. Therefore in most cases, the landlord must offer large “life changing” buy-outs to its tenants.

We are very experienced in negotiating such buy-outs and relocations at the landlord’s expense.

Due to the fact that Demolition proceedings are very complicated and settlements often positively life changing, tenants should not attempt to defend such applications or to negotiate settlements on their own. Tenants should consult with and obtain attorneys to properly represent their interests.

We are very experienced in representing individual tenants, tenant groups and tenant associations in opposing demolition applications. We have obtained multi million dollar settlements on behalf of tenants whose landlords apply to demolish their buildings and have successfully prevented numerous demolitions.

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