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Firm Handles Building and Fire Code Violation Cases in New York

Attorneys help tenants seeking to have dangerous conditions fixed

New York’s Building and Fire codes are designed to minimize injuries, illnesses and deaths that occur when property owners fail to take necessary steps to protect the people inside their buildings. Whether the result is a fall on a broken step, an illness triggered by hazardous substances in an apartment or a fire that spreads because of a faulty sprinkler, code violations are dangerous. The proven New York City lawyers at Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. have a thorough understanding of the rules that cover residential and commercial buildings, and we offer exceptional legal counsel to help get problems remedied and hold negligent landlords accountable.

Common building code violations

The New York City Department of Buildings records complaints for all types of building code violations. These matters relate to common issues such as:

  • Absence of heat, hot water or electricity
  • Infestation from bugs, rats or other animals
  • Unsafe walking surfaces due to broken floors or failure to maintain public areas properly
  • Structural hazards creating a risk of falling objects
  • Unsafe construction practices
  • Exposure to lead paint and other dangerous substances
  • Broken elevators
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Lack of accommodation for disabled residents and visitors

Whether your case stems from one of these situations or something else, we can explain what type of violation that is considered under the New York City Building Code and how long the liable party has to fix the problem before additional penalties are applied. Should the violation continue, our firm assists with other actions you can take, including withholding rent. 

Common fire code violations

One fire safety failure could be deadly, which is why a landlord is subject to an FDNY summons and possibly more serious sanctions if they don’t obey the fire code. Common violations include:

  • Absence of working smoke detectors
  • Lack of fire extinguishers
  • Faulty or noncompliant sprinkler systems
  • Lack of proper venting
  • Inadequate alarms
  • Improper means of egress

As a preliminary measure, a property owner might be required to file a certificate of correction declaring that the violation has been remedied. Beyond that, a Criminal Court summons or even an order to vacate could be issued. Our firm is committed to taking every possible legal step to reduce the likelihood and seriousness of fires.    

Who is liable for building and fire code violations?

There are many potential sources of dangerous conditions within buildings. Our firm can investigate the facts in your case to determine exactly who is liable for the code violation. Often, the culprit is the landlord, building owner or property manager. However, if construction work is being done on the premises, the site manager or contractor could be at fault.

How to report a building or fire code violation

New York City offers three methods by which you can directly report a building code violation:

  • Call 311 if you are within the five boroughs or 212-639-9675 if you are outside the city
  • Send a message through Twitter @nyc311
  • File a complaint online by going to the relevant NYC311 website page

Problems relating to building and fire codes can be complicated, and before you initiate a formal complaint, it is wise to discuss your situation with a qualified attorney. We have a detailed understanding of the city’s building codes and the tactics landlords use to evade them.

Contact a New York attorney for a free consultation about a building or fire code violation

Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. assists New York City tenants who are living in dangerous conditions due to building or fire code violations. If you believe that your landlord has broken one or more rules, please call 212-921-1600 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We are located in Midtown Manhattan.