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DHCR – Division of Housing & Community Renewal. Information & Representation

The DHCR is the state agency with jurisdiction over all Rent Stabilized and Rent Controlled apartments. Generally, an apartment is Rent Controlled if continually occupied prior to June 1971. An apartment is rent stabilized if there are not less than six apartments in the building or if the owner of the building is receiving a tax abatement. If you are not sure of your apartments status, you may contact our office to determine such status.

The DHCR is charged with administratively protecting tenants from harassment by a landlord. The DHCR also handles rent overcharge complaints and situations in which landlords refuse to offer renewal leases.

Due to the fact that DHCR proceedings are very complicated, tenants should not attempt to represent themselves at the DHCR, but instead they should consult with and obtain attorneys to properly represent their interests. We offer complimentary consultations and you are welcome to schedule your complimentary-no obligation consultation by calling us at 212-921-1600.


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