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Division of Housing & Community Renewal Attorneys in New York

Skillful litigators represent clients in matters concerning rent regulated units

The Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) is the state agency with jurisdiction over all rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments. Generally, an apartment is rent controlled if it has been continually occupied prior to June 1971. An apartment is rent stabilized if there are at least six apartments in the building or if the owner of the building is receiving a tax abatement. The landlords of these residences may use various tactics to avoid their legal duty and increase their revenue at their residents’ expense. When this occurs, Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. represents tenants before the DCHR to assert their rights and advocate for a proper resolution. We handle a wide array of these matters, including DHCR rent overcharge complaints and situations in which landlords refuse to offer renewal leases.

Firm handles complaints related to improper evictions and rent hikes

By enacting The Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974 and the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019, New York has set forth a series of rules governing apartments that are subject to rent control and stabilization. If you have a complaint regarding your rent regulated apartment that might require action from the DCHR, our firm can act on your behalf. Potential cases might cover one or more claims, such as complaints relating to:

  • Unwarranted evictions — We have extensive experience defending tenants against unwarranted evictions and stand up for residents who are being wrongfully removed so that the property owner can hike the rent.
  • Excessive rent — Despite the fact that someone’s apartment is rent stabilized or rent controlled, some landlords try to increase their take by adding charges or claiming that a particular unit should be deregulated. You can rely on us to counter these measures and advocate for compliance with the law and enforcement of rent reduction orders.
  • Harassment of rent regulated tenants — Our firm fights for apartment residents who have been harassed, denied necessary repairs, experienced a loss in services or have experienced another type of improper behavior designed to compel a rent regulated tenant to vacate. 

For these complaints and others, our firm’s background in DCHR matters strengthens the ability of tenants in rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments to get a fair hearing.

Attorneys advise on rent increases stemming from Major Capital Improvements

When building owners seek to invest money in order to upgrade their property, New York law gives them a limited right to adjust what tenants pay for rent regulated apartments. However, you should understand that a rent increase is only warranted if a Major Capital Improvement (MCI) occurs. Standard repairs or work that is done to make a residence habitable do not qualify. Recent legislation mandates that MCI-related monthly rent hikes cannot be greater than 2 percent. Moreover, an MCI must benefit the entire building and be approved by the DCHR before any increase occurs.

Contact a New York City lawyer for a free consultation about a DHCR matter 

Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. represents New Yorkers in proceedings before the state’s Division of Housing and Community Renewal. If you’re seeking legal advice relating to a rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartment, please call 212-921-1600 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is in Midtown Manhattan and is easily accessible by mass transit.