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Landlord and Tenant Law Attorneys in New York Defend Clients’ Rights

Accomplished law firm helps landlords and tenants resolve lease-related issues

Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. in Midtown Manhattan handles a full range of legal matters pertaining to landlord tenant law. Whether you’re being threatened with eviction, are involved in a disagreement over property use or have some other conflict related to a lease, our determined attorneys can develop an effective strategy tailored to your needs. We represent clients in cases related to residential and commercial rentals in New York City’s five boroughs as well as Westchester and Nassau counties.

Attorneys represent clients during eviction proceedings

If you’ve been targeted for eviction, our attorneys can uphold your legal rights and hold landlords accountable if they’ve violated the law governing residential tenant removal. Common reasons given to commence eviction proceedings include:

  • Nonpayment of rent — In certain cases, tenants will withhold rent because the landlord has not maintained livable conditions or made needed repairs. Our firm stands for tenants if their legitimate claims are being mischaracterized.
  • Excessive damage — Normal wear and tear to an apartment does not justify an eviction. You can count on us to challenge claims where allegations of excessive damage are overblown.
  • Improper use — Leases might have detailed, confusing language about what type of activity can occur within the property. Determining if a violation occurred can be very subjective. When someone is being ejected from their home based on a purported improper use, our attorneys examine the lease language and circumstances to build the strongest argument possible.

Whatever prompted your eviction proceeding, we will advocate aggressively in pursuit of a result where you are not forced to move.

Thorough attorneys advise on laws that landlords must follow

Though landlords have significant control over their properties, they must abide by federal, state and local laws that govern leased properties. It is particularly important for owners of residential properties to grasp the rules relating to eviction, as failure to do so could lead to penalties and even lawsuits. Drawing on decades of practicing landlord tenant law in New York, our attorneys provide insightful advice on concerns associated with rent disputes, property conditions, habitability complaints and other purported breaches of the leasing agreement.

Aggressive firm litigates landlord and tenant disputes

People who are renting an apartment shouldn’t feel powerless if they have a legitimate objection to their landlord’s behavior. Our firm strives to uphold tenants’ rights in all types of disputes involving rental properties, including matters related to:

  • Inhabitable and dangerous conditions
  • Alleged nonpayment of rent
  • Unlawful increases for rent-related apartments
  • Refusal to make necessary repairs in a timely manner
  • Lack of heat, hot water or other utility service

Even in the toughest conflicts, our lawyers have the experience, skill and determination to handle landlord tenant disputes effectively.

Legal counselors assist with commercial landlord tenant issues

Our firm handles matters related to disputes between commercial landlords and tenants. This includes representation during nonpayment and holdover proceedings. Whether the removal stems from the tenant’s alleged failure to provide the agreed-upon rent, some type of purported misconduct by the tenant or simply the expiration of the lease, we will outline each party’s rights under the agreement and advocate for a proper resolution.

Contact a skillful New York landlord tenant attorney to set up a free consultation

Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. in New York City advises clients throughout the five boroughs on a wide array of landlord tenant issues. For a free consultation with an accomplished advocate, please call 212-921-1600 or contact us online. Our office is in Midtown Manhattan.